Que mierda pasa si apreto Ctrl + Alt + Reblog?




todavía no cacho hueon XDDDDDDDDDDDD-

Puta, pensaba que era el único weon que no le pasaba nada… 

Hueón Yo También Pensaba Que Era La Única u-u Es Lo Mismo Que Alt + Reblog XDDDDD-

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One Direction’s “Torn” - then and now.

im legit crying.

Every Directioner should have this on their blog.


This baby has a birth deffect in which the heart is abnormally located, Called Ectopia Cordis. every reblog & follow on Tumblr will donate a dollar.

1 like = 1 dollar , reblog

¿ que mierda acabo de ver ?

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why are you so cute? 

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35 Reasons Why Larry Stylinson is Real (26/35)

 admitting their love for each other.

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"We can be like Selena and Biebs, wild and free, a couple of disobedient teens"
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Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry are my Favorite Boys, Selena is my Princess, and Justin is my LIFE! Supporting them to death. I met Selena 30/02/12 and i saw her Hitting the lights<3 I saw Justin singing Down to Earth on 15/10/11 <3
NEVER SAY NEVER, BITCHES!. (Passe o mouse)

Sel, Sel, Sel on you!
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